On October 14, 2017, our lives were forever changed. That is the day our "favorite oldest child" left this world and entered the gates of Heaven. 


Hayden was born July 11, 2002, in Amarillo, Texas. He was an All-American boy. He was a proud American who looked forward to serving his country in the U.S. Navy, with plans to become a petroleum engineer after his service. He loved baseball, music, history, science, animals and most of all his family. He loved most of all, being a big brother. Not the kind of brother that didn’t rough house too hard or push every last button you had, but the brother that held you when you were sick and filled every moment with laughter and shenanigans. Hayden was a hero. A living, breathing hero.


Since losing Hayden our family has had to find a positive outlet to help fill the enormous void that his absence has left. The inspiration for this website is not only to make it more convenient for donors to stay updated on recipients and upcoming projects, but to reach out to other families that have suffered loss of this magnitude. We are by no means experts on grief, but the thing that has comforted us the most is to hear and read others' stories of life after the loss of a child or sibling. 

-The Stewart Family.                

Will, Alis, Lushon, & Whitley